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Cutterhead Thumperhead Ploughhead Pickhead III Pickhead I Hookshead Headadze Mandrake Compasse IV Compasse III Compasse II Compasse I Loadstone II Heartland 3 Heartland 2 Heartland 1 Headland XIII Headland XII Headland IX Headland VI Headland IV

This new work, which dates roughly from my participation in the show in January 2017 at the Crypt Gallery at Norwich School, represents a new departure for me in that it shifts the subject matter away from the surreal aspect of agricultural tools, towards a redefining of the relationship between the 'handle' and the tool.

I have discovered a strong link to the head, to African sculpture and to masks in particular.

The handle has become subjugated to the abstract image of the tool in such a way that it serves a quite different function, at once decorative but also powerfully evocative.

Very recently, I have begun to explore an entirely new (to me) subject matter where the whole sculpture becomes quite surreal, zoomorphic and almost animated. I have used colour to try to link the new work with my particular interest in Italian mediaeval architecture.

Bob Catchpole.
Summer 2018

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