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My latest work has completely abandoned the tool as a component in the development of my ideas. Although the series of sculptures involving agricultural tools had been developing for a considerable number of years, the focus of my ideas has been shifting towards the 'head', evolving naturally from the abstraction of the 'handle'.

This new work has explored two very different themes, which whilst closely related, are quite distinct from one another. They have been led by my interest in Italian art: one from a large fresco in San Zeno in Verona, and the other from some mediaeval ceramics in Bologna. The former has led me to experiment with pure abstaction, whilst the latter has seen the work become strangely figurative.Using the media and techniques I had been employing previously, carved oak and assorted hardwoods, this period of lockdown has produced a substantial body of new work.

Bob Catchpole.
Summer 2020

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