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 Recent work by Bob Catchpole; click on any photograph for an enlargement

Medusa III Posy VI Ziggurat II Fountainhead II AXE FORK HOE I HOE II HOE III LANDMARK SPADE I Spadeknot VIII Posy IV Posy II Forknot VI Fork of the Medusa IX Drink Me IV Daisychain XVI Armorial Posy Reliquary XI Reliquary X Reliquary IX Landmine VII Landmine V Landmine III Reliquary II Reliquary V History of the World IV Tree Saraqael Reliquary VIII Quatrefeuille II Posy IV Neverbend II Landmine II Fork of the Medusa III Fork of the Medusa V Forknot V History of the World III Noguchi's Spades I Daisychain XV Lovers' Tryst III Maquette 2  salthouse 2010 Reliquary I Sunnyside scissors I Reuben's Fork I Forknot V Daisychain XII Toolskater XV Daisychain XIV Spinaxe II Wildfoul V Ziggurat I Spadeknot IV Spirit of the Broom Catchysaurus II

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